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COCO-MAT Hotel Athens 
Stay curious, stay COCO-MAT!

COCO-MAT Hotel Athens 

Hospitality for the heart and mind

In the heart of Athens and the elegant district of Kolonaki, contemporary urban living joins in harmony with the comfortable hospitality that COCO-MAT offers! In an impressive building, designed by architect Emmanuel Lazarides, known for designing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier outside the Greek Parliament, urban cosmopolitism has found its hospitality destination in the city of Athens!   

Explore COCO-MAT Hotel Athens
The best of urban life by COCO-MAT Hotel Athens

The Coco-Mat Hospitality Experience Begins Here

Let’s make your experience absolutely customized to your needs!
The Best of COCO-MAT Living! Discover how to enjoy the COCO-MAT hospitality concept through our unique suggestions!

Tailormade Sleep

The world-acclaimed sleeping systems by COCO-MAT define sleep on nature and offer an ultra-comfortable experience. 


At COCO-MAT Hotel Athens all the COCO-MAT collections and sleeping systems are on full display at the hotel’s entrance.


Days in Athens must start in a power-boosting way. Breakfast is an experience at COCO-MAT Hotel Athens!

Roof Garden

Grab a bite and head up to the top floor of COCO-MAT Hotel Athens with artistic graffiti touches and amazing views of Athens.

COCO-MAT Bicycle

Explore Athens on a COCO-MAT bicycle. Set out to enjoy Athens by yourself or ask the front desk for our guided tours.