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Only a minute’s walk from Kolonaki square, COCO-MAT Hotel Athens sits in the heart of an eclectic Athenian neighborhood, home to some of the city’s best cafes, gourmet restaurants, trendy bars, as well as art galleries and high-end boutiques.


Kolonaki is busy all-day long thanks to a well-balanced blend of Athenian connoisseurs who visit it for its vibrant city life and night scene. Among the many things to do in Athens, Kolonaki has something for every taste. A rich blend of history and culture is packed in the nearby Athens museums, all within walking distance of the hotel, as well as the National Gardens and Syntagma square.

Its popular cafes and restaurants are great for a quick break from work or shopping in the many upscale boutiques and galleries. And finally the neighborhood is also great for architecture lovers with its beautiful buildings most of which date back to the interwar era and are excellent examples of the Athenian modernism movement.

Kolonaki has convenient transportation thanks to Evangelismos and Syntagma metro stations and gives great access to visitors who want to explore the city or plan day trips and excursions around Athens. And if you really want to explore the surroundings, take advantage of our free bicycle rental service.

Our friendly hotel staff will be happy to suggest tips to best explore Athens, local events, fun activities and bicycle routes in Athens that will make you forever cherish your stay.


of Athens

Steeped in history, the archaeological site of the Acropolis is considered by many to be the most important ancient site of the Western world. Start your day early and take the metro to the namesake station. Walk up the beautiful stone-paved path on Dionysiou Areopagitou and enter the brilliant Parthenon temple through the Propylaea gateway and Temple of Athena Nike.



If you want to enjoy the best views of the Acropolis, visit Filopappou hill on the southwest. On your way back, visit the stunning Acropolis museum, a marvel of contemporary architecture that houses the Parthenon’s glorious history and ancient masterpieces. Don’t forget to visit the museum shop and cafe. If you are a hopeless romantic, find your way back to the Acropolis rock to enjoy the setting sun, before hiding to one of Plaka’s small cafes and restaurants for the perfect closing of a great day..




The Gardens border with the Panathenaic Stadium (or Kallimarmaro, for locals) where the first Olympic Games of modern history were held in 1896, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest ancient temple in Greece with its massive marble columns still standing 17m high. From there you can continue your walk through the picturesque Plaka, where time seems to have stopped and you can still sense the aromas of old Athens.



On your way back to the hotel, don’t miss the traditionally costumed Presidential Guard (Evzones) in front of the Greek Parliament on Syntagma Square. You are welcome to take a photo with them in their traditional uniform, which dates back to the Greek Independence war, but know that they are not allowed to move, frown or smile until the right time!

Sounio half-day trip

If you the adventure type the city offers great opportunities for day trips and excursions around Athens. For history lovers, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio is a great idea for a half-day trip. Sounio is a 1.5 hour drive to the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula, but the breathtaking views of the mesmerizing blue waters and the ruins of the ancient temple is absolutely worth it.

Delphi, Epidaurus or Nafplio day trip

A day trip to Delphi where ancient Greeks sought advice from the sacred oracle can be combined with a visit to Arachova, a famous winter destination and ski resort. For fans of the classical arts, a day visit to Epidaurus will give them the chance to admire the marvelous ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the largest open-air venue of ancient Greece, which retained its original form throughout antiquity and is admired for its architecture and acoustics. The picturesque city of Nafplio, Greece’s first capital is only half an hour away from the Epidaurus.

Daily cruise to Saronikos

You can combine your stay in Athens with a daily cruise to Saronic islands for a gallop of sun and sea. Aegina is a short ferry ride from Piraeus (less than an hour) and offers great opportunities to catch some sun or stroll through the traditional stone-paved streets. On your way back, don’t forget bring some of the island’s famous namesake pistachio nuts.